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Islamic Culture Center
First Constructed Mosque in Frankfurt City Heilbronnerstraße 22– 60327 Frankfurt am Main

The planned location of the new Mosque for the Moroccan Culture Center is situated in the heart of Frankfurt very close to Frankfurts main railway station. Also the mosque is not so far from the main shopping centre of Frankfurt. Prayer facilities are made for men as well as for women. Seminar facilities are included, with a planned Islamic Library. Books explaining about Islam in the native language of german play an important role in such a Library. Shop facilities are also include to cater for the local muslim needs, like halal food for example. The Exhibition hall / Youth Center, has access to a small garden and is independent from the main building by a seperate entrance from the inner courtyard. A large oriental garden with water fountains give the opportunuty to relax and meditate. The two stairways are built as two Minaretts flanked either side of the Mosques main Dome giving it that Islamic tone in a city environment. This makes the Mosque blend in nicely, complimenting the neighbouring buildings. The long thin window slots show the first and second floors where the prayer place of the Mosque is located. The large and wide front staired entrance of the Mosque gives that inviting atmosphere to the main building. This also guarantees an easy flow of people at Exhibition times and of course at the high point of the week which is the gathering of muslims at Friday prayer.